About Dodie Meeks

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Author of two murder mysteries and two poetry chapbooks, Dodie has poetry in a number of publications,
including The Antioch Review, The Southwest Review, several issues of Visions International, the Palo Alto Review,
The AARP magazine, Modern Maturity, The Unitarian Universal Women's Alliance Anthology, the Crone Chronicles,
Gopherwood, The Sow's Ear, The Black Buzzard Review, POETALK, several issues of The Lyric, The Acorn,
The Desert Candle, The DracoNews, State of the Arts, The Newport Review and The Blind Man's Rainbow.

Meeks and her husband, Bradford Wallin Messer covered Galveston for the Houston Chronicle in the sixties.
After a stint in the Public Information Office at the UTMB, she ghosted Dr. Truman Blocker's
1976 History of the
University of Texas Medical Branch and compiled and wrote a biography
of Walter Reed for Dr. William B. Bean.